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She is hungry.

There is something you can do to help this Christmas.

With no more effort than a little copy and pasting, you can connect Yeri and children like her with the people who can save them.

Your emails, blogs, websites and social networking are all very powerful tools in creating opportunities for life and prosperity. Please, use the power at your fingertips.

Choose from flash banners to embed in your website, or a static banner for your email signature. Copy and paste the code of your choice into your website or email signature.

Once installed, our banners can be managed centrally by Living Generously. We can update them for you to cover urgent needs as they arise.

Flash banner - 468x60 (best for web sites and blogs)

Flash banner - 234x60 (best for web sites and blogs)

GIF banner - 468x60 (use for emails)

GIF banner - 234x60 (use for emails)