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We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Living Generously web site. However we accept NO liability for any misunderstanding arising from it. If you have any queries about our site or the information contained on it, please contact us directly so we are able to clarify matters. We accept NO liability for any advice given on this site or from any site that we link to.

We pass on 100% of the project gift amount to the respective charity.  All gifts have been selected according to our criteria that requires a gift amount to be allocated to the submitted project. However charities reserve the right to use a percentage of this for their administration costs. Please contact the charity directly if you have any queries.  Living Generously cannot be held responsible for the allocation of gift amounts once passed on to the respective charity.

For UK members who have Gift Aided their donation, Living Generously will claim the gift aid amount.  After any admin costs have been deducted, we will allocate the reclaimed amount to an emergency fund (e.g. disaster relief)

Whilst we endeavour to help resolve any issues, customers who have an issue or complaint with the gift they have purchased should contact the charity concerned and not Living Generously.

Thank you for your co-operation.

We would recommend that you read our Privacy Policy and Refunds Policy in conjunction with this Disclaimer