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Gift Lists

It's Easy!

1) Choose a gift
2) Click 'Add to Gift List'

3) If you haven't already, you will be asked to enter some member details. Then just continue adding gifts whenever you like!

Cards for Invites

We now have little cards that you can use to tell your friends about your Gift-List! So as your birthday, engagement or anniversary approaches you can pop these cards into the invites and let everyone know what you would like!

Request your cards by contacting us

Further Infomation

A gift list with Living Generously works just the same as a Wedding List that a couple have at a department store, but you don’t have to have a wedding to use our Gift List service!

Once you have quickly registered, you can browse through the gifts in the catalogue and add those you want to your Gift List. You can then ask your friends and family to buy you the gifts through this web site.  The gift amount will then be sent to the respective charity you have chosen.  We will send out gift cards to the person buying the gift that they can be optionally given to the list owner informing them of what they have given.

As the gift list owner, you will also receive an email notification when someone has purchased from your gift list.

Getting Started

All you do is browse through the list of gifts available.  Then when you find something you want to add to your gift list, just click 'Add to Gift List' instead of 'Give Now'.  If you haven't registered you will need to register the first time you do this. 

You will then be taken through to your Gift List where your latest gift will have been added. You can choose how many of a specific gift you want and you can view all your other gifts too. If you want to, you can also remove a gift at any time.

You can tell your friends and family about your Gift List in several different ways. So you can choose  what suits you best, according to the occasion.

  • Your Gift List will have a unique code. You can give this to people along with the web address, so that they can access your list from the homepage. You could then enclose this information in an invitation.

  • You can use our email service (the option is available on your Gift List page). Just add you friends email addresses, personalise the email if you wish and then click send.  Your friends will be sent the email with a link straight to your Gift List.

For Families and Friends 

Your family and friends can then access your Gift List either through the homepage under the section ‘Enter your friend's gift list code here’ or by clicking on the link we emailed them. They will receive a letter of thanks from us for the purchases they make together with a gift card with details of the gift they have purchased.

You will be able to monitor your list and see who has bought what, you can even add extra gifts whenever you want.

Whatever the occasion, enjoy using your Gift List and sharing Living Generously with your friends!