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Living Generously Weddings

Welcome to weddings at Living Generously. We really want you to enjoy your day to the full and we think we can help.

Like your marriage, gifts bought through your wedding list at Living Generously, will go on into the future. On your wedding anniversary you can think back to the people you helped at your wedding and wonder what they are doing. Your gift might have trained a doctor, saved someone’s life or given them sight.


The wedding flowers may fade but the lives you’ve touched will have a future. Your home may be all set, or you may be starting from scratch, but we believe that by having some of your wedding gifts from Living Generously your day will go on and on. As you arrange all the finery, here’s a unique opportunity to channel giving to people that really need your help. 

At a touch of a button...

Setting up your list is easy... 

  • Choose your first gift and click 'add to gift list'
  • If you're not already a member, you will be asked to fill in a few details
  • You can then continue to add gifts to your list anytime you want
  • Let your wedding guests know by sending out our cards (see below) in your invites or by using the email system on your gift list page.

 We will... 

  • Provide Wedding List Cards to tell all your guests that you have a wedding list at Living Generously. Contact us to receive your cards.
  • keep you up to date by email, telling who had bought what (great for thank you letters!). 
  • Provide your guests with confirmation of their purchase, a 'thank you' letter from us and a gift card to give to you - so you will still have something to open!


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