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Gift Categories

Please select a gift category below to view the available gifts. If you prefer you can also use the search facility to find gifts by location or charity.

Supporting farming in developing countries
Sending critical supplies and personel to places of crisis
Giving opportunity to create and engage in the arts
Gifts that benefit and premote the needs of children
Community Health
Increasing sanitation, innoculation and health education to fight disease and injury.
Creating oportunities for sustainable income and economic growth
Disaster Relief
Providing aid for communities devasted by natural and man-made disasters
Investing in formal education to change the future of individuals and communities
Meeting the needs of people made particularly vulnerable by older age
Aiding the provision of homes for people who have nothing
Saving and changing lives by providing essential medical care, surgery and medication.
Reaching and supporting young people to obtain a future
Supporting urban communities in both The West and Developing nations that face the accute issues of the inner city.

Ethical Junction Member 2009 Non Profit Organisations in the UK