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Gift Categories

Aids Orphans Sponsorship

Organisation: Revival Media
Target Location: Malawi
Support a child in the Maoni Orphanage!
  • Gift Amount: £12.00
  • Quantity:

Building Project

Organisation: Cred Foundation
Target Location: India
Be part of a building project in rural India, to home AIDS orphans and provide medical care to the community.
  • Gift Amount: £27.00
  • Quantity:

Children's Home

Organisation: Open Doors
Target Location: Colombia
Help house and educate Christian children at risk from Colombia’s terror groups
  • Gift Amount: £17.00
  • Quantity:

Woman at Risk

Organisation: Cred Foundation
Target Location: Ethiopia
With outside help, young women who’ve become sex workers can escape a dangerous life.
  • Gift Amount: £27.00
  • Quantity:

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