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Children's Home

Organisation: Open Doors
Target Location: Colombia

Help house and educate Christian children at risk from Colombia’s terror groups...

Victor was kidnapped by an armed terror group and taken to a camp in the middle of the jungle. Here he was forced to march everyday and trained to use guns and weapons. When he wasn’t busy learning to fight Victor was forced to work in the coca fields – harvesting cocaine. Life in the camp was brutal.
After three months of hard back breaking work and training the group decided it was time for Victor to have an initiation test or ‘baptism’. He was told that in order to prove loyalty and total obedience to the group he would have to kill. Victor was taken to a secret location and entered a house, there he saw a man tied to a chair, the man was gagged and was helpless. Victor was ordered to kill him, if he didn’t, he himself would die. He had become a child killer.
His mother searched everywhere for him, risking her own life. For three months, she travelled through the jungle looking for him. One day as Victor was working in the coca field, he turned to see his mother running towards him. She grabbed him by the arm and told him to run for his life.
The next day, Victor was taken to a Christian safe house for children where he was reunited with his younger brothers. Here Victor has slowly been able to rebuild his life and regain his innocence.
You can help other children, like Victor, innocent victims of Colombia’s terror war – give them a safe place to live and the opportunity to rebuild their broken lives.

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