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A poverty fighting cow

Organisation: LifeBuilder

Employment in rural Punjab, India can be hard to find. It is made harder if you have no money to get the education or training you need and even harder if you are female with few routes of employment open to you. This gift however will give a poor woman the tools she needs to help herself out of poverty - we enable the poorest village women to become cow owners through LifeBuilder’s grants which provide them with access to micro-finance. The women are trained into becoming dairy entrepreneurs. They are then provided (through partnership with MDVl a local dairy producer) with access to cutting edge facilities to house, milk and feed their cows. This project has enabled women who have never had jobs outside their household to become part of a modern model business.

With the provision of margin money to buy a cow, these women go from being the poorest of marginalised individuals, to women  who have their own income, bank account, access to information on health, and an ability to take control of their own futures in a way simply not possible before.

LifeBuilder’s dairy entrepreneurship is a socially acceptable route for a rural Punjabi woman from a poor family to take. LifeBuilder works closely with not just the women, but their husbands, providing education and counselling to them also to ensure that the women’s path to greater security is as smooth as it can be.


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